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There’s a saying in software that you should eat your own dog food.  in other words, you need to use your own software just like your intended users will be using it.  Reason being is that if you are a user of your own software, you will really understand the user experience you are building.

We too believe in this concept of being users of our own software…it’s how we learn what works and what needs to be improved.  So when I got pulled over last week by a motorcycle cop for driving too fast on Wake Forest Drive on the way to pick up my kids at school, I used BernieSez to post my speeding ticket case.  I got pulled over at 3:12pm on March 6 2014.  After the cop so kindly gave me my ticket, I drove (a bit slower this time) to the school, picked up my kids a bit late, and then pulled over to the side of the road and decided to use BernieSez to handle this nusiance.  

I used the iPhone app, took a picture of the ticket, entered a few details, and uploaded my ticket around 3:44pm.  I received my first offer from a lawyer at 3:51pm.  Within a couple of hours another offer arrived, as did a message from a third attorney suggesting that I just pay that ticket and not worry about retaining a lawyer because the citation that I got carried no insurance points.  

So I am pretty pleased at the results I received…2 offers and 1 message from a lawyer suggesting that I don’t need a lawyer for this particular case.  Not bad.  And all of this was 3 days before I got any lawyer letters in the mail.  I’m starting to get some of those now…


Give It a Try.  It’s Easy and Free.

So why not give it a try yourself?  If you got a traffic ticket recently, it’s easy and free, and you don’t have to choose an offer if you don’t want to.  Click the link below to get started.