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Around December 2013 we first started exploring the use of the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NC AOC) data feed for our own purposes.  After all, if we could contact people that received traffic tickets ourselves with a nice postcard, maybe they would visit our website and upload their traffic ticket into our new system.  So we sent out a bunch of postcards, which was quite expensive, considering that each stamp costs almost 50 cents, and the postcards themselves plus the envelopes cost about the same amount.

Sending Mail to Bad Addresses is a Waste of Time, Money, and Energy

After sending out a bunch of cards, we waited and waited.  And yes, some folks that received our postcards uploaded their traffic tickets into BernieSez.  But we also received a large number of returned envelopes.  Various reasons were cited by the US postal service for the returns: vacant address, the person’s address forwarding had expired, no apartment or suite number on the address, unknown street, etc etc.  The return rate we experienced was around 15%.  That means that 15% of the total cost of the postcard campaign basically vanished into thin air, completely ineffective and wasted effort.

Detecting Deliverable vs Undeliverable Addresses

So we got busy improving our data feed by partnering with a firm that helped us tackle the undeliverable issue.  Now our data is much cleaner, and we can tell you if a particular person’s address is deliverable or not.  As a test, one of the lawyers using our system provided us what they receive from their other data provider, and when we compared it to the data in our system, we noticed that several addresses provided by the other data provider were flagged by our system as undeliverable.  Which means that most likely mailers sent by that attorney to those addresses will never reach their intended audience.  More wasted money, time, and effort.  And this is real money we are talking here, especially considering the high volumes sent out daily by traffic attorneys.

Where to Find This in BernieSez

When you visit the Prospects section of our system, click on the Advanced tab.  Once there, you will see two sub-tabs: Deliverable and Undeliverable.  If you want to view court records that were flagged as undeliverable, just click on the “Undeliverable” tab.  You can also scroll to the far right and view the error codes in the address data, which will give you a reason(s) why the address is considered undeliverable.  If you look closely, you will also notice that you can’t print labels or download data for undeliverable addresses, thus saving you from wasting stamps, marketing materials, and payroll dollars on clerical staff licking envelopes that won’t reach their intended audience.

So why not try our NC AOC court system data feed?  We think it’s much better than the other guys.  It’s got a cool interface, it is very easy and interactive, and we feel that the address data in ours is more accurate than theirs.  It also happens to be free until at least April 1.

Click the link below to check it out.