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The following article was authored by Israel B. Garcia, Jr (pictured above), a Houston TX attorney with 3 locations within the Houston and Bellaire area.  More information about Israel can be found on his website

When a loved one has been arrested, taking prompt and decisive action is key, but it can be hard to know what to do. That’s where a lawyer can help. Whether you need an immigration lawyer, a criminal defense or traffic lawyer, a personal injury lawyer, or a divorce and custody lawyer, he or she can make sure you have the legal defense you need.


What are the proper steps to take when you’re attempting to get a loved one out of jail?

According to, getting information from your loved one is the first step—but there are limits as to how you should go about it.  Here’s what you should do at a minimum:

  1. Find out where your loved one is being held and what the name of the police agency in question is. Don’t ask that the circumstances of the arrest be explained over the phone, as anything your loved one says could be recorded and, potentially, used against them (this is otherwise known as “pleading the fifth,” for all intents and purposes). Any statements your loved one needs to make should be made to a qualified criminal defense attorney.
  2. Be sure to scrupulously document everything that happens: such records may turn out to be useful at a later date.
  3. Pay any bail bonds promptly.

When you’re facing potentially grave legal consequences, you don’t have to try to negotiate the system alone.  Find an attorney such as Israel Garcia to be on your side.  Click the button below to get started.

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