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Why, it’s Bernie the Attorney, of course!  He “sez” things.  Sometimes he is abrasive and sez things that are politically incorrect.  Sometimes he has a really foul mouth.  Just take a look at his Twitter account to get an idea.  But he ALWAYS sez it like it is.  No bullshit.  He doesn’t take any and he doesn’t give any.   And he’s a great attorney and resource to know of, by the way, givning out lots of free advice all the time on his blog.


Not corporate enough?

There have been many folks that we have talked to at high places over the past 18 months who really dislike the name “BernieSez”. In their minds, it doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t speak of anything “corporate” or “legal”. That we should change the name immediately to something with the word “legal” or “attorney” in the name.  Well, if we did that, then we’d be the same as all the other boring-ass faceless legal sites on the web with zero personality. What good is being generic like the others?  What’s so bad about being different?  


Yea, whatever.  

It’s a “thanks for the feeback but no thanks” to their corporate mumbo jumbo bullshit marketing-speak.  We are gonna keep our bad-ass Bernie around.  He’s pretty cool.  And he has a personality too.  

By the way, there’s a great book about being different written by Youngme Moon.  Check it out when you can.  An awesome read about not being part of the herd and about standing out instead, about really standing out.  We wholeheartedly believe in the message of that book.  That’s what gave life to Bernie, and why we will continue to do so while ignoring the herd.