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A subtle but quite powerful change has been implemented into our traffic ticket software platform.  As of last Friday, uploaded tickets are now connected to North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NC AOC) data.  There are some obvious limitations:

  • Only for tickets in North Carolina.  Currently our court data is limited to NC AOC, so this doesn’t apply to other states once we expand beyond the NC border.
  • Only works if the ticket holder enters their citation # correctly (without typos).

This change should benefit both sides of the system (traffic ticket holders as well as lawyers) in the following ways:

  • More details about a ticket or case provides lawyers more information.  
  • More information to lawyers about a specific ticket begets more and better responses from lawyers, meaning that ticket holders benefit by more choice.

The above change has already been implemented and available now.  So go ahead and take it for a spin.  Click here to log in.