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Why do you even need a traffic ticket lawyer?

Well, lots of folks think they don’t and just “pay the ticket”. The problem with that is that many times if you pay the ticket or use or some such site, what you’re really doing is pleading guilty to the offense. Now, for little traffic tickets this may not seem like the biggest deal in the world, but there often are serious consequences.


Did you know that paying a traffic ticket might make your insurance go up, by a LOT?

Yep. In NC it can go up for three years after a traffic ticket conviction. You can also get license points that can accumulate and end up causing a license revocation. Both of these are really bad outcomes. But it can be even worse. I’ve seen folks charged with NOL (driving without a valid license) just pay the ticket before the court date by going into the courthouse and ponying up $$$. Guess what? Not only did they just jack up their insurance and get three years of license points, they also just pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor! Now they’ve got a criminal record too! Believe me this is not what you wanna do.


My advice, whether you think it’s a big deal or not, if you get any kind of traffic ticket or other violation, don’t treat it lightly. Get a traffic ticket lawyer right away. He or she will know what to do to minimize the consequences for you. Find a good one and you can get some great advice without having to pay very much money at all. Then, knowing what the risks are, you can decide to go it alone or hire a traffic ticket lawyer to help you.

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