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Howdy folks! Just a quick update on how things are going here at BernieSez. Periodically we take a step back and take a look at how things have developed over the past couple of years just to see what needs tweaking.

BernieSez seems to be growing in popularity in Los Angeles

Well here’s the news and it’s pretty interesting: Turns out that Los Angeles is one of our more popular and active areas outside of North Carolina. Cool! We had really expected that the “birth state” of BernieSez—NC—would be at the very top, and, as we had thought, it is.  But it’s followed by the LA crowd (and Houston TX). Not sure what that means but, just guessing, there’s a lot more folks in LA who are comfortable using their computers and digital devices to search for traffic ticket lawyers (and likely other stuff).

My tech partner Jim would probably say that it all has something to do with the general tendencies of California to be hipper and more tech savvy than the rest of the country. I mean, NC is no tech slouch for sure (Citrix and Red Hat are both here, BTW, as is IBM, and a healthy dose of entrepreneurship at the American Underground Tobacco campus in Durham), but San Jose and Silicon Valley are still in California. Maybe that’s got something to do with it?

In the end I suppose it doesn’t matter who’s at the top of the list, whether it’s folks searching for a traffic ticket lawyer in los angeles or folks who search for a traffic ticket lawyer in Raleigh NC.  We are proud that has an increasing presence across the country. Hey, like the ZZ Top song goes: “We’re bad! We’re NATIONWIDE!”

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