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Traffic lawyers matter

Here’s a funny story: I remember I was at this halloween party last year and heard some loudmouth going on about what real lawyers do and blah blah blah. He goes on to say how he has lawyers on his family and how they’ve all done very well financially and were involved in this or that big case and where they went to school and so on. Then he starts dishing bullshit on lawyers he considers to be at the “bottom of the barrel” and specifically the traffic lawyer. Seems he’s got pretty little regard for lawyers who don’t handle multi billion dollar mergers and acquisitions on a daily basis. So I had to jump in and set him straight.

“Hey man”, I said, “I’m a traffic lawyer, and I think I do a pretty good job providing an important service for my clients.” So what’s the beef? “Oh,” he says, “traffic lawyers aren’t really necessary, I mean they don’t really do much more than go to court and talk to the DA and try to work out a deal. Hell I could do that. And most of the time, he went on, they aren’t even necessary. You can just pay your traffic ticket and be done with it. I mean, why even get a traffic lawyer? I humored him. “Yeah, maybe you’re right. I suppose there are some cases where you can get away with just paying the ticket with no issue. May as well save some money.” He agreed and added “in fact MOST of what happens in a car is just not so serious that you really need a lawyer at all!” Yeah right, I thought.

And that was that. Fast forward a year: So here’s the beauty part: Yesterday I saw him again, a little meeker this time. There he was in traffic court, alone. He pulled me aside and wanted some quick FREE advice. Seems he had gotten a couple traffic tickets in the intervening year that he had “just paid” (since he knows everything and certainly would never have to use a traffic lawyer). The problem was that his speed each time was just high enough so that having two in the space of a year caused a revocation of his license. To make matters worse, he had moved in the past year and claimed never to have gotten a notice form the DMV saying his license was going to be revoked (never told DMV because he is a big shot always traveling and making millions of dollars). So then, what happens? He’s out driving around and comes up on a license checkpoint. BOOM! Reality bites his ass. Cop won’t even let him drive away! Now this guy’s in court whining to me, a lowly traffic lawyer, about his troubles. Sure man, happy to help! Here’s my card! Ha!

There are consequences for going it alone. Hire an expert, because it DOES matter.

Well, I suppose that’s poetic justice. He never called me (embarrassed maybe?) but I did bump into a buddy of mine who was handling his case on a waiver of appearance. Glad he got it fixed. Maybe he got his attitude fixed too. Moral of the story: You got a broken leg? See a doctor. You got a traffic matter? See a traffic lawyer. You wouldn’t set your own broken leg would you? Why go it alone without a traffic lawyer?

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