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My buddy says the reason folks in Houston get so many traffic tickets is that NASA figures prominently into the economy. You know, astronauts! These guys are used to going 17,000 mph in orbit and pulling like 10G’s on reentry. Of course they drive fast! 70, 80, 90, 100 mph in a car doesn’t matter when you’ve seen that kind of speed. I wonder. first off—if that’s true—then any traffic ticket lawyer in Houston that you can shake a stick at has his fortune made, but I doubt it’s true.


Up here in NC we have some damn fast guys and to my experience it doesn’t appear that they get tickets any more than the average joe. Maybe less. I’m talking about the NASCAR guys in Charlotte, the drag guys in Rockingham, and all the F16 drivers down at Seymour Johnson. I’ve been practicing law here for 21 years now and I can say that it’s pretty rare to ever see these guys in court at all. Blasts my buddy’s theory about Houston astronauts I guess.  


Pros respect speed

Here’s my own theory: When you are are trained at the level that these guys are, astronauts, NASCAR drivers, drag racers, etc etc, you may have the need for speed, but you have a damn healthy respect for it too. You’ve seen what the aftermath looks like when speed plus irresponsibility makes a sudden stop. I gotta say I’m betting against my buddy here: The fast guys? They are the least likely to get tickets and don’t need any traffic ticket lawyer Houston has, or anywhere else for that matter. From my own experience the ones to look out for are the younger drivers and the old ladies with blue hair! I’d be happy to hear from anyone who thinks that’s not the way it is.


So next time you see that contrail, next time you watch Talladega, next time you see a 5 second quarter mile, remember this: those guys are trained pros and know what speed can do to the hapless and unlucky. By profession they keep it away from all of us. Maybe we should take a page outta their book?  Drive safe y’all!