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I get it, it’s not enough for you to have an under age possession charge and to smoke some weed and to help yourself to Mr. Best-Buy’s merchandise without paying, nooooooo, you gotta go and bust your buddy in the lip and get to scrapping and scraping and all.  Well, good for you that happened in Wake County, North Carolina. Because provided this is just a tuff between friends, you may be eligible for the people’s court mediation program.


The People’s Court Mediation Program


Basically this program is for cases where there is no cop witness and it’s just about two folks who had a bit of a spirited argument where some fists and stuff got involved.  If you and your buddy both show up on the court date (he shows up because he’s a witness or got charged with a public affray or some such little assault-type charge too) and tell the DA that you’ve made up and now you’re the best of friends (like before), he may let you into the voluntary mediation program.

If it’s for you you’ll both sit down with professional trained mediators (in the same room) and discuss what it is that brought you to fisticuffs and why that’s not an appropriate and mature resolution to any problem. You sit, you talk, you listen. Heck, if you’re not careful you might even learn something there!

When you guys have shaken hands and made up (well, made up anyhow) the mediators will make a favorable report to the DA and—bada-bing—the whole deal gets dismissed.

Oh, and attorneys? You don’t need any. That’s another $500 I just saved you.