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Beer pong, anyone?

It is commonly known that students live in a pretty stressful environment. Long hours of studying, doing boring homework and running other activities are combined with a desire to succeed, a wish to get a decent job eventually, and, finally, make money to pay for even basic stuff while in college. Can you say “broke college student”?  Which brings me to beer pong and the like…

As a whole, there is nothing wrong with that: some of my most memorable experiences were in college hanging out with friends over a few drinks.  But some guys and girls make a risky choice to combine alcohol and driving.

Some facts and figures

Here are some facts and figures:

  • Every year almost 2,000 college students between 18 and 24 years die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries, including car crashes
  • Over 600,000 students between 18 and 24 years get unintentionally injured while intoxicated by alcohol
  • Near 3.5 million young people—mostly students—between the ages of 18 and 24 drive under the influence of alcohol
  • About one-half of all fatal traffic crashes among 18- to 24-year youngsters—many of them college students—happen as a result of alcohol intoxication
  • Data from SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) show that near 18 percent of drivers from 16 to 20 years—about 2.5 million young people—drive under the influence of alcohol

Long-term, permanent consequences…

The consequences of a DUI go well beyond the short-term driving suspension you will get and the big $ you will have to spend on a lawyer.  For starters, a DUI is usually something that is not expungeable, meaning that it will be on your permanent record forever.  Yes, you heard that right: you will not be able to get that black mark removed, ever.  That means that every time you apply for a job and your potential employer runs a background check on you, that DUI you got while in college will show up.  Even when you are 48 years old, and you happen to apply for a job, that fucking DUI will show up.

That old DUI may not matter if you are self-employed, or work in certain industries, but at the very least you will have to explain it away if your potential employer brings you in for an interview and has your background check in hand.  You will have to backpedal, with your tail between your legs and say something like “um, I was at a friend’s party playing beer pong, and was dumb enough to think I could drive back to my apartment”

Take an Uber or Lyft…

Dude, save yourself some major, permanent headaches and dough by just ordering an Uber or Lyft.  JUST. DON’T. DRIVE.

So you didn’t get an Uber and got busted: Well, it’s not the end of the world, but don’t go it alone: hire a lawyer

If you are reading this, odds are pretty good that you didn’t take an Uber or Lyft, and now are a bit freaked out about what to do.  Here’s a quick and short to-do on steps:

  1. Don’t freak out.  It’s not the end of the world.  DUIs are more common than you think.  Just take a look at the statistics above.
  2. Hire a lawyer.  Bite the bullet and get an expert to help.  Don’t go it alone.  Yea, read as much you can on the internet while you are at it.  But still get a lawyer to represent you.

Need to find a good lawyer? You can always give BernieSez a try.  It’s a free service, so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, especially some peace of mind.


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