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Well, misdemeanors weren’t bad enough for you, huh? Gone and got yourself a felony charge did ya? Well, smart guy, if you’re unfortunate enough to have been caught and charged with a felony, I hope it happened in Wake County North Carolina and I hope it’s a non-violent property type offense because, gentle readers, here too is a first-offender type program for felony charges.

Felony Dismissal?  Really?

Yes, there is a program for that, but—hope you’re sitting down—the rub is that, for a dismissal of a felony charge, you have to do SEVERAL HUNDRED HOURS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE, like maybe 375 in the period of a year. Assuming you can get that done and keep out of the long arms of the law for that length of time, you may have yourself a dismissal of the charges.

How Much Does an Attorney Charge for That?

There’s a bunch of attorneys who’d charge $2,000 and up for that.  And if you pay them to get you into this program—that you now know all about—you need to find another way to waste your money.   Vegas?

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