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Here at BernieSez we are always thinking of ways to improve our court data systems and our lawyer matching tools.  One thing we have been working on recently is the ability to allow someone to enter someone’s name and other information, and have our system try to match that up with records in our court database that match that person.

A continuous background check system

Put another way, we are working on a solution to continually monitor people that you want to monitor and be notified if they are ever in trouble with the law.  Maybe you are a big employer and want to be notified if someone in your finance department got nailed for stealing yesterday.  Or maybe you employ a bunch of drivers and want to know if one of your drivers got cited over the weekend for speeding or a DWI.  Or you are a church and want to know if anyone volunteering there has a recent criminal background or got cited for child pornography a few days ago.

There are lots of use cases for this, and we felt that this was enough of a nice value-add that we decided to just build it and integrate right into our system.  Think of it as a continuous background check system.

So beginning really really soon (maybe 2 weeks from now), we will have a system where anyone can log in, enter some details about people they want to monitor, and be notified if there is ever a match with a record in our database.  Maybe you want to monitor your babysitter continually, or your lawncare person, or your neighbor.  Or maybe you are an employer and want to go beyond just doing a background check during your initial hiring process and also be notified if your employees ever get into trouble with the law.

We will also be monitoring some public figures and be sure to tweet about it when they get into trouble.  For example, take a look at the court record below…this is for Bill Cosby, who got nailed for sexual assault in Pensylvania recently.  Our system picked that record up automatically, and it can pick up your neighbor’s too.