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Speeding Related Statistics in Tennessee

Whether you are speeding because you are late to work or just for an adrenaline rush, it can have disastrous consequences. Speeding can lead to crashes… and some of them are even fatal…as many Fast and Furious fans know about this (R.I.P. Paul Walker). When it comes to speeding in Tennessee, the statistics vary from one county to another. Davidson County, which is where Nashville is, reported 1,424 crashes based on speeding in 2015.

On the other hand, the most populous county of Tennessee, Shelby County, had 577 crashes tied to speeding in 2015. There are strict laws in place in Tennessee to restrict motorists from speeding. Let’s learn a bit more about these laws.

“Absolute” Speeding Law

Tennessee has something called a speed limit law that is “absolute”. The traffic laws in Tennessee define the maximum speed that you can drive on the roads and highways in Tennessee.

For example, if a sign says the speed limit is 65 mph and you are driving at 66 mph, you could be given a speeding ticket if caught driving erratically.  However, normally police will allow people to drive 5 mph faster than the given speed limit.

Penalties for First Time Violators

The penalty for a first time violator of Tennessee traffic laws may be one of the three things:

  • A fine that is not more than $50
  • A jail sentence of not more than 30 days (which will not happen unless you have a warrant in your name for other crimes)
  • Your license may be suspended for a period of six months (as per the record point system; which is also highly unlikely)

The Tennessee Point System

Tennessee follows the Driving Record Point System when it comes to suspending or revoking a driving license. Like other States, the Tennessee point system promotes safety on the roads by monitoring bad drivers and identifying reckless ones. Once you reach a specific number of points, your license will either be revoked or suspended. Some of the traffic violations that lead to points include turning improperly, speeding, driving recklessly, and sometimes even driving slower than the specified speed limit.

What actions can you take when you have been issued a speeding ticket?

If a traffic official has issued you a speeding ticket in Tennessee, there are two ways that you can deal with it.

  1. The first way is to plead guilty or not contest the ticket and pay the fine. If you know you are in the wrong, it may be better to pay the fine and get it over with. If you are searching for different payment methods, just contact your local judicial court in your county. If you want to make a hassle-free payment, you can also do it online.
  2. On the other hand, if you are pleading not guilty, you will have to attend a hearing. At such a hearing, you can represent yourself or hire a lawyer for legal assistance. If you can somehow prove that you are not guilty of speeding, no penalties will be levied against you. Some people, for job related reasons, do not want any points on their record so paying a legal professional for help is worth the effort.  Please note that if you lose the hearing, you will no longer be able to plea bargain for lesser penalties.

Should you hire an attorney or not?

Contesting your speeding ticket is definitely not a walk in the park. You need to be aware of the nuances of Tennessee traffic laws if you want to come out on top at the hearing. Therefore, it is recommended that you get in touch with a decent lawyer who is well versed in traffic laws. Whether the speeding ticket was your fault or not, a sharp legal representative can help you out during this situation. Some of the reasons why you should hire a legal counselor to contest your speeding ticket are:

  • An attorney knows the nuts and bolts of this issue
    • If you received your speeding ticket and there was an error made, it is usually dismissed. However, if you get a speeding ticket, your first reaction should be to treat the police with respect. Your legal pro will be able to find the error in this process if there is one. Do not spend too much time on this, this is what you are hiring a lawyer for.
  • Your legal counselor will always be on your side
    • Whether you are aware of your rights as a driver or not, your legal counselor knows what your rights are. When you hire an attorney, remember that they are always on your side and are ready to fight for your rights. They know where to look; they do this for a living.
  • Hiring a lawyer can be economical
    • Many people are scared to contact a legal pro because of the fees they charge, but there are some lawyers that have reasonable fees. It’s less expensive than you probably think.
  • Possibly have the monetary value of this ticket be reduced
    • That is right! Your legal pro can sometimes have the value of the ticket reduced. If they cannot have this ticket tossed away completely, perhaps they can prevent the full value of this ticket being recorded under your name. Your legal counselor will work hard for you. There could be some room to negotiate.

Whether you are contesting or not, this is not going to be an easy process. You have some work cut out for you, well, your lawyer does. Tennessee traffic attorneys know this business, they have been around the block before. Their rates are not all the same either. is an eMarket for traffic tickets at a national level. Just post your speeding ticket case on this website and you will receive bids and offers from different traffic attorneys. Get online today and enjoy this unique platform for contacting traffic lawyer, even in Tennessee.


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