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Do you need one? 

Lots of folks ask if they need a speeding ticket lawyer if they get a speeding ticket. The answer is “it depends”. As I have said in other posts, whether or not to get a speeding ticket lawyer to handle your case for you in court really depends on what it is you are trying to accomplish. And that, in turn, depends on what the consequences are that you are trying to avoid. In many cases this will depend on the state you’re in.


The consequences can be big

Getting a speeding ticket can really mess up your insurance and your license. If you are a professional driver (CDL) the consequences can be even worse. Lots will depend—in most cases—on what you are accused of. If its “just a speeding ticket” lots will depend on how fast you were cited for going. If you were in a work zone or school zone I would say those are probably the most extreme cases (and that’s probably true in any state). Your prior record will also very likely have a bearing on what happens in your case.


Folks who are first-timers or haven’t had tickets in recent years are likely going to have more options available to them than folks who are repeat customers. This of course will depend on your individual state and what your record looks like. The best rule for answering the question “do I need a speeding ticket lawyer” is really to get some more information, just a consult from a lawyer really, and find out about what the possible consequences are. Then you can determine whether the lawyer can help you avoid those consequences. If after talking to a lawyer, you don’t mind the consequences of the ticket, then maybe hiring a lawyer isn’t worth the cost of paying him. On the other hand, if he says the consequences are such and such and that’s not good for you, then weighing what it costs to pay him to avoid the consequences vs handling it yourself is really what you’re after.

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