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Have you gotten a speeding ticket in NC? Man that sucks! But don’t sweat it! The fact is that lots of folks get a good deal on their speeding ticket in NC because of the law written especially for them!

The Safe Driver Incentive Plan

North Carolina has a special law called the SDIP or Safe Driver Incentive Plan. What this law says is that if you have no moving violations on your record for the past three years, if you get ONE isolated speeding ticket for not more than 9 MPH over the limit, there will be no insurance points associated with that conviction. Now, just to be clear, you will see some license points, but don’t worry about these. In NC, license and insurance points are separate things. You can have license points for this one lonely speeding ticket every three years without ever seeing one single insurance point. Hey that’s great!

But what if I am pulled over for going more than 9 mph over the speed limit?

Now, if you get pulled for going even faster than 9 mph over the limit, there’s hope for you too! In all counties that I know of here in NC, the DA’s are all quite willing and ready to knock a few mph off your speed so that you can get the advantage of the SDIP. So if you’re cited for going faster, don’t despair! There’s help for you too! There may even be other options besides the reduction to 9 over that you can talk about with your traffic ticket lawyer. And is a great place to find those lawyers!  Give it a try. Click the button below to get started.