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After hearing about the things that Jared—the former spokesperson for Subway—did, we thought it would be appropriate to publish some data and maps of sex offenders, and in particular those that have been charged with the worst of these sex crimes: sexual offenses with a child.


In NC, 824 charges of sex crimes with children in the past 6 months (May 2, 2015 to November 1, 2015)

We know that maps of sexual predators already exist, but those are usually limited to people who got convicted for those sorts of crimes.  What we are publishing here is a map of people who got charged very recently with those crimes, as recently as yesterday (Nov 1 2015).  Sure, some of these folks might be falsely accused or are found to not be guilty.  But if you have kids, wouldn’t you want to know if something is going on in your neighborhood now, before the long legal process takes it course?  I sure would.


So if you want to see if any of these a-holes lives near you, click the map above and zoom into your location to find out.  Then click on the pushpin for details on what that person was charged for.  By the way, we have corrected all the addresses including moves, so it is highly likely that the addresses identified on this map are indeed accurate as of November 2, 2015.