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Find your own court record online

Not to boast, but here at BernieSez we’re pretty proud of our new feature that allows our users to conduct their own court records search right on the site to find what exactly they are charged with, court date and so on. All you have to do is click on the “NC & PA Court Records Search” menu on the home page.  Once there, click on either the PA or NC button on the bottom.

From there, find your case by entering your name, citation number, even a street address. In seconds your NC or PA traffic or criminal case pops right up with all the information the court has about your case.
Want to find a lawyer? Easy! Just click the button and your case info is automatically posted on the site. Only the lawyers who are active on the site will see your case info (it’s not displayed publicly). From there, lawyers can call you, email you, send you a text, and generally give you free advice about what to do with your case (even tell you whether or not you really need a lawyer!). Then, when you have all the info you need, and have a bunch of lawyers to chose from, you can make an informed decision, and pick the very best course of action. It makes so much sense to do it this way!

So give it a whirl. With the court records search built right in, there’s just no easier way to get some good, free, legal advice about what to do with your case.  Click the button below to find your case (or your neighbor’s case).

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