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Whooaaa.  Take a look at Bernie!  He decided to become a Rastafarian and smoke a joint.  HELL YEA!!   I’m sure he’s lovin’ it.


We believe in marijuana reform

Ok, true. Bernie is just a cartoon character we made up, but we here at BernieSez wholeheartedly believe in Marijuana reform.  The stuff that NORML is working on.  The decrimininalization of something that practically everyone—statisticians, scientists, academics, even policy wonks—knows is less harmful than say…cigarettes, alcohol, and prescription drugs, which are all legal things.  Hell, the abuse of prescription drugs is probably worse than all the others combined.  Yet its all legal and heavily pushed by all those damn pharmaceutical companies because, well, you know the answer to that.  Money of course. Maybe instead of pot being illegal, it should be oxycontin that is illegal.  But that won’t happen, will it?  Too much lobbying power by the almighty powerful pharma industry.


We are not alone in thinking this way.  Entire states like Washington and Colorado believe in Marijuana reform.  So much so that it’s legit there now.  And so does at least one presidential candidate who shares our name: Bernie Sanders.


Want to help the cause?  Donate a few bucks or your time to your local NORML chapter.  Click the button below to find out how.