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A few updates are now live on the lawyers side of the BernieSez platform.  These include the ability to zoom in/out on the photos of traffic tickets, and also implementation of the calendar view for court dates of traffic tickets that you have been awarded.  


Traffic Ticket Image Zoom In/Out and Rotate


Now you can zoom in and out on a traffic ticket photo, and rotate it, by clicking on some simple button controls, as illustrated in the screenshot below.  While this still does not resolve problems with blurry photos, it’s a step in the right direction and an improvement from the previous release.  A future mobile app release will include a few other controls to improve the images taken by users.



Calendar View of Court Dates

The calendar view on the lawyer side of the platform is finally functional.  Now court dates for your cases will appear on the calendar as colored ribbons on a date, and you can view the calendar in daily, weekly and monthly mode.  Currently only court dates will appear on the calendar view, but a future release will include the ability to also display task dates on the calendar.  We acknowledge that the calendar is currently very simple and somewhat rudimentary, but over time it will continue to improve.