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What we did

We analyzed the latest 6 months (April 28, 2015 through October 28, 2015) of NC AOC court data for Mecklenburg County NC and plotted stacked column charts for 3 different offense codes side by side:

  • possession of marijuana less than 1/2 ounce (offense code 3550)
  • resisting a public officer (offense code 5310)
  • speeding (offense code 5450)



Obvious pattern

According to the dataset that we used, a clear pattern that emerged is the percentage of blacks versus whites arrested for possession of marijuana and resisting a public officer as compared to the percentage of blacks versus whites receiving a citation for speeding.  More than 70% of the arrests for marijuana possession and for resisting a public officer are for blacks, compared to about 40% when comparing citations for speeding.


Even though the data set is small, it seems like the most recent 6 months of arrest records obtained for the Mecklenburg County NC area paints a picture which elicits a question:

  • Are blacks being targeted when it comes to possession of marijuana and resisting a public officer?


Clearly the percentages are higher for those two offense codes when compared to more common things like simple speeding.  Maybe someone should look a bit closer at the Charlotte area.


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