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Yesterday morning around 9am Terence called me and said that he had just gotten in a car accident, that his car was hit, rolled over, and then proceeded to hit a telephone pole while sideways.  He said he was hit by someone who ran a red light.  I guess this guy was in a hurry.  Fortunately Terence was wearing a seat belt, his children were not in the car, and no one was seriously hurt.  His car is toast, but he’s not, which is what’s important.

Your life can change in a split second

All of this happened in a flash.  One minute everything is cool, the next minute, your car ends up on its side and your day is shot, or worse!  Life can change in a second.  Please buckle up.  Seat belts save lives.

If something like this happens to you, find yourself a personal injury lawyer.  You can get started right here on BernieSez. It’s easy, and free.

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