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Ok everyone. Please listen to me. I know it seems easy, I know it seems cheap. I know it means you don’t have to pay a lawyer. But please. Please. Really please. Please promise me you will NEVER EVER EVER use to pay a ticket. Here’s the deal.

So you get a ticket somewhere in North Carolina, right? And the ticket says you can just go to online and pay. Don’t have to go to court. No attorney, nuthin. How convenient, right? How wonderful? I mean, hell, you can be sitting in yer PJ’s sipping gin and juice and at the very last minute pay that sucker online with just a credit card, right?

What’s not to like?

Please, damas y caballeros, listen. Please don’t make this foolish mistake. is a website operated by the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), and it is PURE EVIL. allows the recipients of various NC traffic tickets (charging a certain group of “waiveable” offenses, meaning those cases where your attendance isn’t REQUIRED in cout) to go online and pay the ticket with a credit card. And while this may be CONVENIENT enough, you need to know: this is THE SAME as going to court and standing up in front of the judge and saying “guilty” when he asks “how do you plead?”. And you wouldn’t EVER do that, right?

It is VERY Expensive, Considering the Insurance Hit

You may feel pretty clever when you think that you just saved $250 (lawyer fee) by pleading the ticket yourself (online, no less) and not having to hire a lawyer or go to court, but let me tell you pal, you’re all wrong.  There’s a whole bunch of kaka that can come your way if you “just plead guilty” by paying online. Check this out (just a little teenie-weenie example, mind you, there are plenty others):
  1. “Just plead” guilty to 12 mph over the limit and your insurance will go up about 25%
  2. “Just plead” guilty to running a stop sign and your insurance will go up about 15%
  3. “Just plead” guilty to driving without a valid license and your insurance will go up 25%
  4. “Just plead” guilty to passing a red light and your insurance will go up 25%
  5. “just plead” guilty to passing a stopped school bus and your insurance will go up 400% (holy moly, Batman)

See? What’d I say? Still have a problem “just saying no” to Check this:

An Example of How Expensive This Can Be

Assuming your car insurance is like $1,000 a year, right? A 15% increase means $1,150.  25% increase means it’s $1,250. 400% means $4,000. Get it Einstein? Oh yeah, BTW, those insurance rates stay up there for 3 YEARS! DOO DE MATH! 

Oh, I  see. Dinero’s not a biggie huh? The insurance goes up and you don’t even care, right? So you can use and it won’t ever be a huge deal for you. Think so? Think again. Check this:

It Can Even Lead to License Revocation

Client of  mine hired me to “unscrew” his driving record after he “screwed it up”. He had two speeding tickets for 14 mph over the limit within a year. In both he was totally enticed by the “convenience” of and -in fact- paid his tickets (both times) with this “convenient” website. WTFF? Oh ya. Revocation son.

NC Law says two tickets in a year for more than 55mph each and YOU’RE REVOKED!!!!! Baaa-zingggg!!!!!!

And while it may have looked good to this guy -in the beginning- to “simply plead guilty” by using, it was certainly not so in the end. Nope. And here’s why: Although a lawyer may have charged him -say- $100 for each of the tickets (so he would have SAVED $200 with because he had to pay a lawyer to UNSCREW his license and fix the two tickets that he pled to, he wound up PAYING $1,000. So he saved $200 but had to spend $1,000? Hey everyone in math class, that’s the same as LOSING $800. WTF?

Lessons learned, people. Here it is: Don’t mess with You may THINK you’re saving money,  but if you have to pay an attorney to fix what lulls you into doing, you’re NOT getting ahead.

Bottom line: is the antichrist and should be avoided at all costs. But hey, if you know about, you’d never be in that situation in the first place!

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