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I’m so pissed with the State of North Carolina! I mean, I live here, I grew up here, my kids were born here, my law practice is here, etc. But I’m pissed!

If you look on any one of the new e-citations (the ones that the cops print out with the thermal printers they have in their police cars) you’ll likely see down near the bottom some instructions on how to pay your traffic tickets online. It’s something like but DON’T DO IT! North Carolina—my wonderful state—makes a shitload of money on this and it’s JUST NOT RIGHT! By going to this site that is conspicuously printed on all e-citations you can very easily whip out a credit card and pay your fines and courts costs and be done, it’s true.


Why? because if you do, you’re simply pleading guilty to the offense JUST LIKE THE COP WROTE IT! Let me tell ya’ folks, after 20+ years of practice I can guarun-DAMN-Tee you that you can always do better by getting a lawyer to handle it. And even if the case can’t be dismissed completely, at the very very least a traffic ticket lawyer can talk some sense to the DA and the cop and have the charges reduced. So what am I pissed? WTF North Carolina?

NCPayTicket makes it easy to plead guilty while not advising you in the least about talking to a lawyer first

Why would the state of NC make it so easy to PLEAD GUILTY and screw up your license with points, make your insurance go up, even give you a criminal record or cause license revocation and NOT ALSO AT LEAST advise folks who get charged how easy it is to talk to a lawyer? This is BULLSHIT and it makes me mad!

It really doesn’t cost anything more to ALSO print on the bottom the e-tickets the URL for a site like where you can post your case and get some advice about what the hell to do!

Maybe pleading guilty is not the best option for you

Why would North Carolina NOT want to help its citizens make the right legal choices? I’m pissed! Oh well…. In some small way we’re trying to give folks another option. So take my advice, even if you can pay your traffic tickets online, it’s NEVER a good idea to do it without at least talking to a lawyer.

If you post your case, what have you got to lose?  Not even one single cent.

So take my advice: Post your case on it won’t cost you a cent and it’s easy to use. Post your case. Get lawyers to call you. Get some advice. The if you want to plead guilty, help yourself, but at least find out what your options are first! There…. I feel better! 🙂

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