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Jeeze the thoughts just keep a comin! I’ll make this one short: So as you may know, about two years ago we got into the court data game, right? So here in NC and also in PA we have court records of all the offenses that are charged from the day before. That’s right, everything from the tiniest little seatbelt ticket to the worst and most violent crime you can imagine (ugh!). Now, one of the things that we like to do with this data is to give it to lawyers so they can send those annoying letters to you when you get a traffic ticket (etc). You know.. you run a red light or whatever and the next day you have ten letters in your mailbox from lawyers who are just clamoring for your biz. Yeah, we’re one of those guys. Hate us if you must.


Data not just for lawyers, but also for social justice causes

But here’s what else we do: It so happens that the cool user interface we built to allow the lawyers to “sift” the data and find the cases they want is actually good for some other folks too. See, it’s not just lawyers looking for cases that this data is good for. No-sir-ee. The way the data is “siftable” makes it really a great tool for activists too! In fact, NC NORML, the NC chapter of the National Association for the Reform of Marijuana Laws like to see this kind of thing (indeed, we tweet marijuana arrest/charge data daily, FYI, so you might want to follow us @BernieSez). Who else? How about Southern Coalition for Social Justice? UNC School of Journalism? How about UNC School of Political Science? How about WRAL’s Amanda Lamb? All have checked out our cool site and agree that this is a really great way to present public data form the NC Courts. It’s so easy! Just use our cool pull-down menus and select the values you want to find cases by county, defendant name, ethnicity, zip code, offense code, age group, whether they live in our out of NC (or any other state). Press “search” and VOILA! There it is! Love for everyone to make use of this. Please contact us if you have interest either for scholarly or research reason or if you just want to do some damn good direct mail marketing.  Take a sneak peek at what kind of data we have available for social justice causes.  Click the button below to give it a whirl, and if interested in more, contact me about your cause.