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We goofed…and we are sorry.  Our bad.  

While most tickets that have been uploaded into BernieSez have received bids from lawyers, there are some that have not.  And we haven’t been following up with the users that for one reason or another haven’t received any offers from lawyers.  


This is bad, and needs to be corrected.  It took one of our users to point out our bad behavior.  And thus we have a new rule, named after him.  It’s called the Mike Asbury Rule, and it’s an important rule now here at BernieSez.  


The Mike Asbury Rule

Here’s what it means:  if you upload a ticket into BernieSez and within 5 business days have not received any offers from lawyers, we will contact you personally and see what we can do to help.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of adding more details and information to your case, or uploading a clearer image of your ticket (some uploaded images are blurry).  And sometimes it’s because the court date is too soon and lawyers don’t want to take on a short notice case.  But sometimes it’s because we are thin in a particular county, and don’t have any lawyers representing that county, yet.  If that’s the case, we will scramble to find some good attorneys in that county to take your case.  That’s it.  Simple and straightforward.  


BernieSez is a new concept and service, and we are learning along the way.  Thank you for your patience and support!


Jim, Terence, and Bill