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Hey stoner! Yeah you! Now I know that you are busy smokin’ and tokin’ but you gotta listen to this. As you well know, marijuana is at the forefront of a whole lot of press these days. Especially what with the recent goings-on in this great land of ours. I’m talking early release of pot offenders (Thanks Barak!), legalization (props to Colorado, Washington, California!), and a general and growing impression in the highest levels of government that maybe we need to re-think how we think about weed (I’m looking at YOU Bernie Sanders!).


Now you may have a grip on all this, but then again, there’s a whole lot of change coming and it’s happening all at once. If you wanna keep on top of the world of weed, I highly (haha) recommend you check out NORML or their NC counterpart, NCNORML. NORML, by the way, stands for National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. It’s a really good resource for all things related to the laws about marijuana. I wouldn’t expect to get growing tips from these guys necessarily, or shop for new glass bongs on their page, but you can definitely get some useful info.


For instance: Maybe you get busted in California and you wanna know what the pot laws are out that way. Well, pal, NORML maintains just such a compendium of state Marijuana laws. What if you wanna know who is pro-pot and who’s against it in your state? There again, NORML is a great resource (might not have to join even, just check their website). Need a marijuana lawyer who’s friendly to the cause? Groovy! NORML has a really great “COMMITTEE” of lawyers who are available to answer all sorts of pot questions in all 50 states.


Help NORML lobby for the change we need

But probably the greatest thing that NORML can do for all of us Marijuana legalization proponents (and I am one!) is LOBBY for change. And while there’s ton’s of really good free info on their site, joining up and paying your dues (and maybe even coughing up a little extra!) will go a long way toward letting them get to the business of advocacy for you and me. I’m talking access. I’m talking NORML reps get right in the face of the naysayer politicians and tell them just like it is. We need reform now! And trust me, that kind of juice don’t come cheap!


So if you’re sitting around, gotta good buzz, and you’re wondering what you can do to make this world a little better, hey man, bust that piggy bank. Why not join NORML today? I promise you, there’ll be plenty left over for pizza! Support NORML Now.