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Legal Direct Marketing Lists Now Available in BernieSez

In addition to a massive redesign of the site, yesterday we also rolled out a pretty substantial new feature on the lawyer side of BernieSez.  It’s what we call Prospects, and it basically consists of the North Carolina court system data (for now anyway).  Navigation is simple: click on the Prospects menu (on the top left of the screen), and then either use the basic or advanced search screen to find what you want.

Simple and Advanced Controls

The user interface is relatively straightforward and easy to use.  You can either use the basic search screen if your search is straightforward, or use the advanced search screen if you want to narrow down your prospects by some demographic type of information or specific offense codes.  You can also run relatively complex searches.  For example, you could search for people that received DWIs in Mecklenburg County but live outside the state.  Or search for white males between the age of 17 and 21 that got cited for public intoxication in Dare County but who happen to live in Virginia.  Easy yet powerful, all from your web browser.  You don’t need to fill out some cryptic forms and fax/email them somewhere, or wait around for someone to change your search criteria.  Just do it yourself.  Easy as pie.  Want to sort the results? Just click on a header.  Want to sort in the opposite direction?  Click that same header again.  Want to view the details of a particular prospect record? Click on the view link.  Want to print one individual record?  Click the print icon in the detail view.  Want to save the record instead?  Click on the floppy disk icon.  It really is pretty simple to do.

Print Labels and Export to Excel

Once you’ve run your search, you can print mailing labels to screen, and you can also export your search list to either Excel or a TXT file.   This is really pretty simple and self-explanatory. Just select the records you want by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the record (or select all), and then click on the print labels or export data button.



Auto Email Delivery (set it up once, and it sends your files to you every day)

If you prefer to set up your query once and forget about it, you can do that too.  There is an email delivery option in the system, where you can establish your search criteria and tell the system whether you want labels or Excel files, or both.  Once done with the setup, every morning you will receive your files by email.  If you decide to change your criiteria, log back in and change it.  No need to call someone and wait for them to do it for you.  Do it yourself, at your own leisure, whenever you want to, as often as you want.


It’s Free (as in free beer), Until April 1 2014

If you are a lawyer, why not give it a spin?  It’s completely free until April 1.  Why free?  We are still working on it and it needs further bug squashing, optimization to run better and faster, more testing, and feedback from people like you so that it can be the best tool out there like it.  But hey, it’s totally free with no strings attached.  You really have nothing to lose, except perhaps an opportunity to use up some free data and get your name out there to people that could use your legal expertise right now.  And if you really think about it, the data we are providing is the SAME COURT SYSTEM DATA that those other guys are providing for you, for a price other than free.