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Yea, that title is a mouthful.  I know.  What it really means is that traffic attorneys using BernieSez can now create multiple AOC court data query searches and have those results sent to them by email each morning under a separate email.  


Prior to this release, subscribing lawyers were limited to creating a single query search and having those search results sent to them each morning.  However, now with this improvement which has already been deployed,  lawyers can create multiple query searches.  So for example, a traffic lawyer could set up a query to search for all vehicle offenses in Mecklenburg County,  a different query to search for DWIs in Orange County, and even a third one that finds only hispanic people between the ages of 17 and 30 who received speeding tickets and who live out of state.  This flexibility allows an attorney to receive different NC AOC data files and Avery labels for different types of prospects every morning, so that they can send different letters to different groups of people.  


This feature is available from the Prospects > Email Delivery tab.  


A big thanks goes to Dustin Pittman of Strickland, Lapas, Agner & Associates for suggesting this idea!