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A new email alert feature has been rolled out to the BernieSez legal case platform.  Now lawyers can be alerted within 30 minutes of a new case being uploaded that is flagged as a non-traffic ticket (bankruptcy, family law, immigration, criminal, business law, injury, etc).  So for example, if a lawyer is interested in immigration cases, he/she can set up an alert so that any new immigraiton cases that have been uploaded into the system will trigger an email alert to them within 30 minutes of the case being uploaded. 


This new feature is available on the lawyer side of the platform, from My Settings > Alerts.  The screenshot above illustrates what this new feature looks like.


We hope that this new feature improves both the user experience and the lawyer experience by more quickly connecting users with lawyers, and alerting lawyers of new cases which may interest them.  


Thank you for your support.  And as always, feedback is welcome and encouraged.