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We’ve introduced a new feature to BernieSez.  Now lawyers can set up an automatic message to be sent to folks who upload a case in a county or counties that the lawyer practices in.  It’s really simple to set up for lawyers.  Just go to My Account > Alerts/Automations > Auto-Messaging.  Once there, select a State and County (or counties), add your auto-response text (the text can include anything you want including phone numbers and email addresses), and click on the Save button.  You can set up a different auto-message for traffic cases and personal injury/accident cases.


With this feature, be among the first to reach out to folks needing legal representation.  On the user side, we believe that quick responses by our attorney members will improve the user experience because quicker interaction and matching is always better.  


Set it up now!  Its super easy to do, and once you do it, its done and working for you, even while you sleep.  Click on the button below to create your auto-response message now.