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This new feature was somewhat complicated to build and took awhile to get done, but we finally did it!  Now traffic ticket holders (users) can pay their traffic lawyers directly from within the BernieSez system.  It works as follows:

  • The lawyer logs into the app and from My Account > Payment Setup he/she enters what methods of payment are acceptable to him/her.  Options include PayPal, LawPay, a website URL that would redirect the user to the lawyer’s website, and cash/check and pay later options.  
  • Once the lawyer enters those details, then whenever a user accepts that lawyer’s offer, a new window appears to the user, indicating the lawyer’s  preferred payment method as well as other acceptable payment methods that the lawyer is ok with. 
  • The user then picks one of the payment methods, enters payment info (e.g., credit card details), and submits this.  
  • Then the BernieSez system fires off an email to the lawyer, indicating that the user has initiated a payment.  

While the above may sound complex, it’s actually very simple and intuitive, and practically a no-brainer.  All the lawyer has to do is set their info up once, and that’s it.  The user doesn’t have to do anything.  See the screenshot below for the lawyer’s payment setup screen.


As you can see, it is simply a matter of the lawyer entering a few details and that’s it.  Maybe 20 seconds of their time, and they can start accepting payments from users directly from within the BernieSez traffic ticket software platform.

Currently this payment feature is available only within the web application, and is forthcoming from the smartphone (Android and iPhone) apps within a few weeks.

We think that this feature greatly improves our system by eliminating yet one more complexity and pain point.  And lawyers will love that we don’t handle the transaction or take a cut of anything.  All funds paid by the user flow directly to the lawyer, minus the 3rd party merchant account fees (eg, PayPal fee, LawPay fee, etc).

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.