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So we have finally started expanding the BernieSez platform into states beyond North Carolina.  First stop is Virginia.  Why Virgnia?

  • There are cops all over the highways in Virginia!  Even radar detectors are illegal there.  I swear every time I drive through the state, everyone is driving a couple of miles over the speed limit and that’s it.  The highway patrols are tough there.  If you speed, you will probably get pulled over.
  • NC borders VA, so if we need to head over there to do a little bit of campaigning, it is easier than if we decided to expand into Texas, for example.


Official Launch into Virginia is May 1 2014

As we start our push into Virginia, we simply ask that if you happen to get a traffic ticket in Virginia and use our traffic ticket bidding system, that you be a little bit patient while we actively recruit great young lawyers that are eager to use it.  

As always,

Thanks for your support!