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Our app was featured In the March 3, 2014 print issue of NC Lawyers Weekly.  The gist of the article is about BernieSez’s approach of connecting lawyers with speeders by allowing people to upload a picture of their traffic ticket, and then lawyers could view the ticket online and quote a fee to that person to take the case.  While the idea may not be that novel, it is an idea whose time has come.   Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Everyone has a smartphone now.   My 7- and 9-year old kids have iPhones.  And my 78-year old mother who barely speaks English uses one too and knows how to send me photos via text message.  If you look around, you will see that people in the car waiting at stoplights, waiting for a bus at the bus stations, having a latte at the local coffee shop, eating at a restaurant with their significant other, and virtually everywhere you go is looking down at a phone.  They are reading their latest Facebook posts, Instagram feeds, Google News, chatting with their buddies, Snapchatting, flicking through their music library, playing some dumb game, or doing one of a multitude of things on their phones.  EVERYONE is doing this, not just the early tech adopters.  So if smartphones are ubiquitous, why not use them to snap photos of traffic tickets?  This isn’t anything new, really.  Taking pictures and uploading them somewhere is a task that people are already used to doing.  We just happen to do this same thing for traffic tickets.
  2. Most physical mail is considered junk mail, and mostly ignored.  Here’s a quick test for all the lawyers reading this: when you get home from work, do you immediately pick up the mail and open every single envelope you receive?  I’ll bet that you don’t.  So why do you think that your prospective clients would? Are they different from you?  Not really.  We have all become somewhat numb to mail.  And while a small percentage of the mail will indeed get you some new clients, most of the mailers will be tossed straight to the trash bin, to the tune of a buck for each one, considering the cost of the postage, materials, and labor.
  3. When a speeder uploads a ticket, he/she is saying that they want legal representation.  This differs from the list of folks you send your legal mailers to…most speeders will simply plead guilty and pay online.  So targeting those folks is not nearly as effective as targeting a narrower set of folks who got speeding tickets but who also tell you that they would prefer legal representation instead of just pleading guilty and paying online.  So how do you find them via mailers?  You can’t.  But every single person that uploads their traffic ticket on BernieSez has publicly stated that they want to find an attorney to represent them.
  4. It’s faster than the postal service.  When a user uploads a ticket for a specific county, lawyers that subscribe to alerts for that county receive an email alert indicating that a new ticket has been uploaded into the system.  You can then immediately view that ticket and other details that the speeder has provided, and make an offer to take the case right then.  With mailers, you have to pull the data down from your provider (disclosure: we provide NC AOC direct marketing data too), do a mail merge, stuff envelopes, lick stamps, and then wait.  With BernieSez, you can communicate with the speeder easily inside of the app, and when the speeder makes a choice, you are immediately notified.   

So if you are a lawyer, why not give BernieSez a try?  It’s free until at least April 1, 2014, and even NC Lawyers Weekly thinks its a good idea whose time has come.