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The NC Courts are here to serve the people, not the other way around

It’s sad but true that so many folks in NC simply don’t know much about the NC courts or the Judiciary at all. I mean, the one place that you can have the very worst day possible, other than maybe the hospital, is the courthouse. It seems to me that for that reason alone it ought to be pretty high on everyone’s priority list to know about the NC Courts. Truth be told, at just about every courthouse in the state, they really don’t exactly roll out the welcome mat for you. Maybe there’s a security guard up front with a metal detector and all that. But the reality of it is, the NC courts are here to serve the people. yes it’s true!


Don’t be afraid of the NC Courts System

Here’s an example: Say you get a speeding ticket and you miss your court date. A lot of folks are afraid to even call the courthouse just to find out what they need to do. Maybe they think that they’ll get arrested if they go down there. But the fact of the matter is, if you miss your court date for the first time, there’s a very high likelihood that a trip or call to the NC Courts will probably do you a lot of good. I happen to know that here in Wake County, where I practice, if you miss a court date for the first time, even if you don’t have any excuse other than “I forgot” or “my car broke down” or “I overslept”, it’s simply a matter of going down to the courthouse and filling out a paper to get a new date. Now, of course they’ll tell you that “it’s not a guarantee” that you’ll get a new date, but—listen to me—it is pretty damn likely! You see, one way our lovely state makes money is by charging folks fines when the get in trouble (if they are found guilty). If you have a speeding ticket, for example, and miss your court date, that is really a lost opportunity for the court system to make money! So, when you look at it that way, it really pays (literally!) for the court to let you have a new date.


So here’s my advice: Don’t be afraid of the NC Court system! They’re here to serve you AND OF COURSE TAKE YOUR MONEY!  Find your court case and court date now (it’s free).  Click the button below.