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I just finished a short blog piece about the NC courts when suddenly it occurred to me that we have some really cool stuff to talk about that I didn’t even mention!

So check this out: It so happens that in North Carolina, all the NC court data is held in one big computer repository called the NC AOC or North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts. Like this: Whenever a cop give you a ticket or arrests you, a written record of all that info is made, right? This record includes all your personal stuff like name, date of birth, your address, the car you were driving, and much more…even your Driver License number. It also is what gives you info about what it is that the cop thinks you did (the offense). So: once the cop writes all this stuff down, he gets back to the cruiser and with a click it is sent electronically to the AOC and to the clerk of court for the county where you have your ticket or other court case. Each county’s clerk of court then has a computer record of who’s been busted, for what, and when their court date is and so on.

Now the cool thing ’bout these records (or the bad thing about them…this depends on your perspective) is that they are all public. That’s right! All this stuff is maintained in a public database that you can go to right now. Just click the button below, put your name in and hit “search” and up pops your case with all the vital info. So cool! You can search anyone’s name! Put your teacher’s name in! Your neighbor! Your kid! Your worst enemy! Find out who’s in trouble!  Hell, you can even put the name of the street you live on, and whatever the AOC has on people who live on that street for active cases pops right up!

If you find your own case in here, and if you would like to see if hiring a lawyer makes sense for you, just hit the big red button and your info goes to all the BernieSez lawyers subscribing to alerts for the county you got cited in. Next step: Sit back and relax and wait for that phone to ring, or your email inbox to beep with a new message with some lawyers trying to get your business. Pick the one you want! Great idea if I say so myself! Well, I did invent it didn’t I? But truly: Thanks to the NC AOC too! Couldn’t have done it without them (literally). Take care and drive safe!

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