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Ok. Let’s settle something once and for all. The words “moving violation” do not always mean “a violation which occurs while your vehicle is actually in motion” or some such thing as that. Now, let’s be clear: I’m in North Carolina (where I practice) and I cannot speak for what the terms mean all over the USA, but this I can say. There are quite a few driving offenses which will—if you are convicted—have a profound effect on your insurance and your license AND YOU DO NOT ACTUALLY NEED TO BE IN A MOVING VEHICLE TO COMMIT THEM!


Just “being in control” is enough to charge you

I’m not gonna run down the whole list, but I’ll give you some key examples: How about DWI? Did you know that in NC, the appellate courts have decided that you need not even be driving to be charged and convicted of this offense? Think about that next time you decide you’ve had too much to drink and go outside and sit in your car! As it turns out, just “being in control” of the car is enough. I’ve seen convictions based on “keys in the ignition and guy sitting at wheel”. Ain’t that some shit?


Just aiding and abetting a DWI can also get you charged with a DWI

How about this: If you get busted for “aiding and abetting” a DWI (which usually means you let some drunk guy use your car when you knew he was drunk) you can get popped with a DWI charge JUST LIKE HIM, all because you let him use your car! No driving needed! Imagine letting your drunk buddy go outside and sit in the car to warm himself up some winter night. He didn’t drive and you didn’t either, and the law says you can BOTH be busted for DWI!


Just watching a street race can get your car seized and license revoked for 3 years

But here’s the worst one: If you bet on, watch, or loan your car for pre-arranged racing (like fast and furious street racing, not loaning your NASCAR to Jeff Gordon for Talladega!) you get your car seized AND lose your license for 3 years. Holy shit! just for watching a race? Man that hurts! And let me tell you, there are a host of others that I won’t go into right now, but know this: Just because “you weren’t driving” does NOT mean that you can’t get busted and suffer some serious consequences for these so-called “moving violations”. Why is the law so damn counter-intuitive? Just to keep the lawyers in business!


Got busted for one of these “moving violations” and in need of a lawyer?  Upload your case now and get lawyers to contact you about your case.

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