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OK, you know the ten commandments and all, right? And you know that when you took those headphones from the store without paying it was not cool, right? In fact, you knew it was wrong, right?

Well, let me tell you, you’re in luck. If that happened here in Wake County North Carolina there’s a program for that. Provided your record is not atrocious, and you haven’t been through the misdemeanor first offenders program yet, you may be eligible for a do-over of sorts.

The Misdemeanor’s First Offenders Program

If the cop charged you with misdemeanor concealment or a like offense, you may be eligible for the First Offenders Program. No classes here (like in the marijuana or alcohol scenarios I wrote about before) but you will have to do 75 hours of community service over a six-month period.  The program coordinator will tell you the specifics of where to go and what to do.

When you come back to court after you’ve done all the required stuff you will have to pay program fees and court costs. But hey, we’re talking $400 or so as total costs for a dismissal and an expungement from your record.

I’ve seen lawyers charge $750 and up just to tell you about the program!  Unnecessary legal fees that you don’t need to pay, now that you know about it.

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