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Just like folks might think of a traffic lawyer as being a lawyer who knows a lot about traffic tickets, or a DWI lawyer as a lawyer who knows a lot about DWI’s, so too there are Marijuana Lawyers and these cats know their way around cases that concern marijuana. You see, like a lot of other drug offenses, marijuana charges have their own peculiarities. Getting the right representation might just mean you have to go and search for a marijuana lawyer specifically, rather than finding sort of a general practitioner (marijuana lawyers, btw, are a sub-species of criminal defense lawyers).

First-time offense? You may be eligible for some relief pretty easily

Here are just a couple of for-instances: Here in Wake county, where I practice, many many of the marijuana charges are disposed by way of a deferral agreement. Such an animal exists under NC State law in NCGS Ch. 90-96. The deal there is that if you have a first offense for a marijuana charge, you may be eligible to do some drug classes and, assuming you stay out of trouble for the time you’re in the classes, the DA will eventually drop the charges. You may even be eligible to have the charges wiped off your record completely (“expunged”). That’s one thing that any marijuana lawyer would definitely know about here in NC.

Drug paraphernelia?

Another example might be that if you get charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, which is often charged with the marijuana offense, one defense is that what you were caught with is perfectly legal to own and is not necessarily intended to be used for marijuana. Maybe the cop found you with a pipe or rolling papers. Maybe he found you with a bong. Now, if he found that you were also holding marijuana, then there is an inference that could be made that the apparatus would be used to smoke the weed. But if he found no marijuana, then the argument that the “paraphernalia” was intended for some legal use would have of lot of weight to it. Of course there would be another argument he could make (or the DA in court) if the paraphernalia also had some residue in the bowl say. But unless that bowl is tested, and it comes back from a state lab saying that there is marijuana residue in the bowl, it is pretty weak evidence.

Busted in a friend’s car?

Or for another example, how about the classic case where you’re hanging with your BFF and the law rolls up. He just “happens to find” a few buds in the console of your buddy’s car. Guess what? He charges you both with possession! Well lemme tell ya, a good marijuana lawyer would know his way around that kind of bullshit and be able to argue that since it’s not your car, and you’re just a guest sitting there, that marijuana is more likely associated with the owner of the car that with any guest passenger.

What about the weight?  There could be relief for that too.

Or what about the weight of marijuana in a court case? Maybe you get busted for some weight but really when you trim off all the sticks and stems the weight goes down and knocks it from a felony to a misdemeanor. That’s another trick a marijuana lawyer would know. So here’s what: If you get busted for pot, make sure you don’t go looking for just anyone to represent you on your marijuana charge. You owe it to yourself to find a real marijuana lawyer and not some guy who does wills and estates. Hey, you wouldn’t go see a brain surgeon if your stomach hurts, would you? Same deal! Now that I think of it, BernieSez is a pretty good way of finding the right lawyer for you.

Post you marijuana charge here and let the lawyers come to you! (the Marijuana lawyers that is!)

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