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Image: Robbery citations in NC from May 2015 through October 2015.


1,999 people charged with robberies (with a dangerous weapon) in NC over 6 month period

Since May 4, 2015 (and through November 3, 2015), a total of 1,999 people were charged with robbery in North Carolina, and these were mostly robberies at gunpoint or other dangerous weapon.


Who are these robbers and where do they live?

The court system knows who these people are, and where they live.  So why not publish a map showing exactly where they live?  Well, we managed to find out where 1,536 of these people live, and did just that.  Would you like to know?  Click the map image above to find out who was charged with a robbery and where they live today.  Maybe someone should go rob them at gunpoint and show them what that feels like.  


*** NOTE*** This map is a map of where people charged with robbery live today, not where the crime was committed.


Robbery offense code descriptions

Robbery offense codes listed on the map are 4 digit codes like 1202, 1220, 1221, 1222, etc.  See below for a description of each of these.


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