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Building your client base

Building your client base is one of the most important things you need to do as a lawyer, but it can also be one of the most challenging. Direct mail can be one of the most effective ways to generate new leads. If you’ve tried using direct mail campaigns in the past, you may have been frustrated by how little your time and expenses paid off. At BernieSez, we’ve created a new kind of direct mail service. We designed it with:

  • A modern and user-friendly UI
  • Flexible search tools
  • Automated email delivery of your exact lists
  • Ad-hoc search and adjustable filters without having to call anyone

With BernieSez, lawyers have easy access to the North Carolina and Pennsylvania court records they’re looking for. We combine that with fast mailing tools so that you can get in touch with potential clients quickly. If you’re thinking about trying (or retrying) direct mail, you can read about how it works below.

Made for lawyers, by a lawyer

terence-mcenallyBernieSez is a little different from other direct mail services because it was made by an actual lawyer with the needs of real lawyers in mind. My name is Terence, and I’m a North Carolina attorney. Before starting BernieSez, I had used direct mail solicitation and was always very disappointed. I was frustrated with how the other services limited the information I got. I wanted to be able to search through NC court records myself so that I could experiment with different parameters until I got the best possible results. No other direct mail service provided that flexibility or achieved the results I was looking for, so I created BernieSez.

BernieSez has a UI that will let you sift through new case data according to exactly the parameters you want. We also have a range of mailing options, ranging from creating labels you can print and mail yourself to a full stuffing and mailing service, so you can choose the way that works best for you. In my time as an attorney, I’ve come to value services that offer flexibility and save me time, and that’s exactly what BernieSez does. It was designed to respond to the real needs of lawyers, and I hope it will help you as much as it’s helped me.

Why direct mail is still effective, even in 2016

Some people may think that mailing services are outdated, but sometimes tried and true techniques turn out to be the most successful. This is the case for attorney direct mail, which remains one of the most effective ways of getting new clients. Direct mail enables you to connect with clients who have just been charged and who may be searching for a lawyer to represent them. When completed in a timely and professional manner, it can be highly effective in expanding your client base.

A database with the leads you’re looking for


BernieSez provides two key benefits that will help you to generate new leads:

  1. A massive database full of recent cases, and
  2. Flexible search tools to help you find clients who match your target demographic and type of offense.

BernieSez aggregates case data from the NC court system and also from the PA magisterial district court system, displaying approximately 600,000-750,000 case leads at any given time. Our database is updated constantly to include court records from the past 24 hours, so your letters have a better chance of reaching clients who have not found legal representation yet. The cases consist of everything from minor to serious offenses, including seat belt tickets, speeding tickets, drug charges, and felony offenses. Each of these cases is identified by a specific offense code, making them easily searchable. Our database sorts out leads with undeliverable addresses into a separate search section, so you can cut down on the expenses of undelivered mail.

Flexible, powerful search tools

Our UI is user-friendly, and it puts you in control of the search. You can search court records by filing date, court date, state, county, and offense code. Advanced search tools will also let you search by demographic information such as age, race, and gender, as well as the zip code of where the person currently lives.

Some direct mailing services will make you wait for an email containing your research results.  BernieSez will let you browse through case leads right on the website, and you can immediately export case data or print mailing labels from the results. If you’d like to see daily updates for a specific search, simply save your search criteria, and the system will automatically email you with new case leads every morning. If you want to change the search criteria, there’s no need to call anyone or wait for the changes to take place. You can simply change the search options right on our website and start receiving updated emails right away.

Easy mailing options


Of course, in order to make direct mailing effective, you need strong options for, well, mailing. If you would prefer to mail your own letters, simply select the cases you want, and the website will create a PDF label template for printable AVERY 5160 labels. For more complex mail merges, you can download a .txt or .xls file with a single click.

If you’d like to leave the mailing to us, you can upload your own template to our website. Then we will complete the entire stuffing and mailing process, starting at just $0.80 per piece. We use high-quality materials to help give your letter a professional appearance that will lead to more opens, and we have a bulk-rate license that enables us to send mail at faster than standard rates.

Affordable, fair pricing

We know how frustrating it can be when a service’s price is unclear, so we’ve made pricing at BernieSez transparent and affordable. Rather than charging per offense, we charge per county. A low-volume county costs $25 per month, a medium-volume county is $50, and a high-volume county is $100. These fees provide you with access to all offense codes within that county, and you can add or remove counties at any time. You can see a list of our counties and the corresponding pricing ahead of time, so you know exactly what you’ll be paying upfront. Multi-county and annual subscription discounts are also available.  We believe this structure provides our lawyers with the best possible value.

At BernieSez, we believe your hard work should be saved for the courtroom. We make finding new case leads easy, affordable, and effective, so you can start helping more clients who need your representation.

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