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Yep, we managed to get a great line into this story about BernieSez, which aired on WNCN TV yesterday: “It’s so easy even a grandma can use it”.  

Kudos to Mike Gonzalez at WNCN for his awesome work on this story.  Thanks also goes to Shannon Bauman, who (fortunately for us and for Taylor Hastings) got nailed for speeding in Orange County.  Shannon works for Pendo… a bunch of really smart guys that have a great onboarding tool.  Check them out if you happen to have a web application and are in need of in-app analytics and/or onboarding tools.  

Finally, thanks also goes to Taylor Hastings, one of the sharp, young lawyers who is not afraid of a future where smartphones are used instead of the postal service to connect with people needing legal services.  This IS the future, and Taylor understands this.

Click the video below to watch all of us in action!