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BernieSez and Direct Legal Mail: A Tight Partnership

It’s finally official!  After a couple of months of high-level discussions and work on integration points, BernieSez has officially partnered with Direct Legal Mail LLC for full service direct mail services.


So what does this mean, exactly?

With this new partnership, you now can get the benefit of BernieSez’s intuitive, drop-dead simple user interface to NC court data along with the highest quality full color direct mail advertisements at the lowest price.


How is this integrated?

Three easy steps:

  1. Go to your account settings, click on the Mailing Services tab, and complete the page: upload your mail merge document and custom envelope template, select your daily search criteria, and a few other details.
  2. Once you submit your setup, DirectLegalMail will create a sample proof for you to look at, right from your BernieSez account page.  Once you approve the sample proof, data files will be generated daily, which will then be used by the DirectLegalMail team to create and mail out your letters in full color.
  3. If you decide to change your search criteria, pause, or stop your direct mail campaign, call us or go to your Mailing Services page in your account and do it right from there, 24×7.





Give it a try now.

Whether you just subscribe to data and do mailings in-house, have a current full service direct mail provider, or have never tried direct mail before, now is the time to give our combined system a try.  Between BernieSez and DirectLegalMail, we have a very advanced and sophisticated system at an affordable price point.  And of course, friendly customer service reps to help you at every step of the way. We also have sample letters, graphic designers, and lists of types of cases for you to choose from. Basically, everything you need to get started.

Call 919-349-9288 for a free consultation and price quote