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The following article was written by Mariana Gallegos

Every hour 4,680 Americans receive a ticket

The likelihood in your lifetime that you will receive a speeding ticket is high, very high. It’s cringeworthy when you see those sirens through your rearview mirror. It starts with the standard “Do you know why I pulled you over” and although you are furious and you know  you have been caught you must smile and pretend you have done nothing wrong.  Every day, 112,328 walk away with $150 fine—and a sizeable amount of humility.

Broken down even further:

  • 4,680 people get a ticket each hour (about twice as many are stopped)

  • 78 people are given a speeding ticket every minute in this country

1 in every 6 Americans, every year

An average of 40 million tickets are issued a year. That means that 1 in every 6 Americans receive a ticket every year. So you see the chances are pretty high.

First speeding ticket, in 1899

This speeding ticket business has been going on for many years. The first ticket was issued in 1899. Jacob German was a New York City taxi driver and was driving his electric taxi (all taxi’s back then were electric) on Lexington Street when he was pulled over by a police officer on a bike. How slow do you have to be going to be pulled over by a policeman on a bike, 12 mph? Yes, the first SPEEDING ticket was issued for going 12 miles per hour. At that time, the speed limit was 8 miles per hour on straight-a-way and 4 miles per hour when turning. Not only was Mr. German pulled over for speeding at 12 mph, he was arrested and placed in prison. A bit harsh for just 4 over the speeding limit.

Paper ticket controversy

There is some controversy on whether he was issued the first paper ticket. Some say he was issued a citation for speeding, but not an actual physical one.  Harry Myers from Dayton Ohio received the first paper speeding ticket in the United States in 1908. He was also going 12 mph, but by now they had eased up a little and did not arrest him…they just gave him a ticket.

Two very interesting speeding tickets

  • 242 mph in a 75 mph zone: In May 2003 a man in Texas broke the record for the fastest speeding ticket ever issued. The speed registered at 242 mph in a 75 mph zone and he was driving a Swedish Koenigsegg CC85 (pictured above).

  • $290,000 ticket: The most expensive speeding ticket was issued in Switzerland for a whopping price of 299,000 Swiss Francs or just under $290,000. Ouch. He was traveling through a small village 35 mph over the speeding limit at 85 mph. Now, why such a hefty price?? In Switzerland, as in most European countries, higher speeding penalties are fined according to your income. Clearly this gentleman in the red Ferrari Testarossa was a wealthy man.

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