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We found some interesting statistics on simple possession of marijuana arrests in New York and decided to create a nice infographic about it.  Take a look at the numbers.  Quite staggering:

  • 44,000 arrests per year…that’s 120 per day
  • $75 million spent per year…that’s nearly $1 billion in the past decade
  • 1 million police hours blown on this nonsense from 2002 to 2012.  Yep…one million fucking hours wasted on this exercise
  • 5 million hours humans spent in custody from 2002 to 2012

Maybe the cops in New York should spend less time on stupid marijuana possession arrests and more time on, ummm…lets see…important things like homicides and violence????  


Marijuana is something that is being decriminalized in some states—as it should be—for obvious reasons. I can think of a couple of reasons:

  • Have you ever heard of someone who was high on weed get violent and then kill someone?
  • When was the last time you heard about someone stoned driving a car really really fast and wrecklessly?

Yea…never.  Hopefully soon the folks in New York and other states that still see marijuana possession as a crime will follow the lead of Colorado, California, and Washington, and spend less energy, money, and time on such silly crimes.  

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