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Alaska has an absolute speeding law. So, if you drive one mile per hour higher than the posted speed limit, you are in violation of the law. A report published by Alaska Highway Safety Office show that the number of fatalities due to speeding has been coming down.

Do not hit a grizzly bear or a caribou!

In 2008, the number of speed-related fatalities was 27 while in 2011, the number came down to 25. Across the state, the percentage of speed-related fatalities in 2009 was 45.3%, but this percentage increased in 2010 to 46.4%.

There are times where you may have to speed due to an emergency or there can be a fault with the radar detection system. Either way, you are within your legal rights to fight speeding tickets in Alaska.

Absolute speeding law in Alaska

The absolute speeding law in the state can make it difficult for you to fight the speeding ticket. However, if you know the law, you may still be able to beat an Alaska speeding ticket with a little bit of guile and smartness. This is because Alaska is not broke like California is which is known to have their officers hand out speeding tickets as another form of taxation. This is certainly the case of Sacramento which even hands out DUI tickets to people who do not deserve them! (you do not want to live in a destitute city).  To put this another way, if you receive a speeding ticket in Alaska, there is more of a chance of you actually deserving it. But do not despair, you still have options.

Speeding law in Alaska states: “No person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent considering the traffic roadway and weather conditions”. [AK 13 AAC § 02.275]  This law means that the police are within their rights to stop and issue you a speeding citation, even if you are driving within the speed limit, but the driving conditions are unsafe due to inclement weather or traffic.

To avoid speeding tickets in Alaska, you should be aware of the legal speed limits for different kinds of roads. The speed limit may or may not be posted.

  • 65 mph: On certain sections of the Alaska interstate and outside urban areas with less than 50,000 population
  • 25 mph: In all residential areas
  • 20 mph: In all business districts
  • 15 mph: In all alleys and by-lanes

Speeding penalties in Alaska

The quantum of penalties for speeding in Alaska varies based on the severity of the violation, your driving track record, and other contributing factors. However, as a first-time violator, you can expect the following penalties for speeding in Alaska:

  • A fine not more than $300
  • License suspension for no more than a month

If you end up receiving a citation for reckless driving, the penalties will be as follows:

  • The fine cannot exceed $1,000
  • Jail time cannot be more than 90 days
  • Your license can be suspended for a maximum of six months

The Alaska point system

The state’s Division of Motor Vehicles uses a point system to keep track of driving violations, including speeding. Each time you are convicted for speeding, a certain number of points will be entered into your driving record. You do not want to have as many points as Russel Westbrook scores in even half a basketball game!

The Alaska DMW can suspend and/or revoke your driver’s license if you have the following points against your driving record:

  • 12 points in 12 months
  • 18 points in 24 months

The number of points for speeding in Alaska are as follows:

  • 6 points: For speeding in school zones and playground crosswalks
  • 2 points: For speeding 3 mph to 9 mph more than the posted speed limit
  • 4 points: For speeding 10 mph to 19 mph over the speed limit (you think are Tobey Marshall from Need for Speed?)
  • 6 points: For speeding 20 mph or more over the posted speed limit (who do you think you are, Dominic Toretto!?)

If you receive a citation for illegal racing, you will immediately receive 10 points against your driving record after conviction. You are not Letty from Fast and Furious; this is not the movies!

Warning letter

When you accumulate points, you will receive a warning letter from the Alaska DMV. This letter will have the breakup of the points along with an explanation for why the points were allocated against your driving record. The purpose of this is to make you realize the mistake you are making by speeding and will recommend you to change your driving habits.

You can always reduce the number of points against your driving record by having an interview with the DMV driving examiner and agreeing to complete a defensive driving program. However, you can go this route just once every 12 months.

Once you hit 12 points in 12 months or 18 points in 24 months, your driving privileges will be suspended or revoked for a specific period of time. Not good since you cannot outrun a Grizzly Bear. You want to be in that car!

No exemption for hardship in Alaska

The speeding law of Alaska does not permit hardship exemption when it comes to driver’s license revocation. Hence, once your driver’s license is revoked, the decision will not be overturned. Instead, you will lose your driving privileges for the period and also lose your driver’s license.

After you serve out your revocation period, you will have to apply for a fresh license. For doing this, you will need to complete the following:

  • Pass a vision test
  • Pass a written test
  • Pay the fee to reinstate your license
  • Submit proof of vehicle insurance
  • Submit proof of identity and date of birth
  • If you are a minor, you will need a signed parental consent form

Fighting speeding tickets in Alaska

If you decide to pay for the speeding ticket you received in Alaska, you are admitting to speeding and this means notching up points and the prospect of an exorbitant hike in your vehicle insurance rate. Hence, it makes sense to fight speeding tickets in Alaska. You may be able to get the points reduced, or you may be successful in not getting any points.

This would require you to enter a not guilty plea and then you would have to prepare for the case. However, it makes more sense to have an experienced traffic ticket attorney at your side who can fight your case using his knowledge, expertise, and experience. BernieSez can help you find one.  Just upload a picture of your ticket, a few details, and that’s it.  The system is easy to use and free.  Tap or click the button below to get started.

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