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So you’re there at the party and you get caught with some bud…
Sorry my man.  Used to be the day that the constabulary would simply watch you throw it out and then they’d give you a good warning and that’d be the end.
Sorry Charlie. Those days are long gone. Not so much about protection as prosecution anymore.  Now it’s all police arrest quotas and showing Joe Taxpayer how much police bang he gets for his tax buck. What a bunch-o-doo-doo.

Get out of the situation yourself, without ever hiring an attorney…

Supposing a misdemeanor charge for possession of a little weed or a possession of drug paraphernalia charge in North Carolina, provided that it’s your first offense, when you go to court, ask the prosecutor if you’re eligible for the statutory NCGS 90-96 program.  
Basic idea is that you’ll have to attend some drug awareness classes and demonstrate that you can keep on the straight and narrow for a period of time (like a year maybe). No new charges and complete the drug classes and guess what? The case gets tossed and you are eligible for an expungement of your record (to make it like it never even happened).
The work for a lawyer in a case like this is, well, there really isn’t any.  To know of the existence of the program is all it takes.  And eligibility, of course.
So now you know. What would a lawyer typically charge for this? I’ve seen $500 to $1,000. Maybe more. Cha-ching, you just saved your piggybank. Or you could move to Colorado or Washington….
DISCLAIMER: This only works in North Carolina!  More info can be found here: (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)