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Not yet….but not out of the question either.  Maybe in 18 months…


The Backstory

So I bought Google Glass for a whopping $1,600 on the one single day last week that Google made it available to purchase.  When the package arrived, I got pretty excited.  But I was let down when I put on the dork glasses and peered through them for the very first time.  To me, it was just a tiny little monitor, right in front of my right eye.  To make things worse, my right eye is not that good, so I couldn’t really view the screen clearly.  And then I had to connect it to my phone to make the thing work.  I’ll admit that recording video and taking pictures with it was a cinch and pretty cool.  But doing a google search or sending out a text or email?  Too complicated.  And then there’s the awkwardness of walking around looking like a total dork, even after attaching their new frames made by Luxottica.


Not Quite Ready

I never got used to it, at least not yet, and I consider myself an early adopter of all things tech.  To me, it’s not quite polished enough for prime time, and hence no BernieSez app for Google Glass for some time.  But it’s not out of the question.  I can envision someone simply looking at their traffic ticket, giving Glass a voice command to snap a picture of it, and voilá!  Instant lawyer offers.  


One day.   Maybe 18 months from today.