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Just a quick note to let you all know, is not only an e-commerce site where you post your case for lawyers to contact you, offer advice, and answer questions, but we are also NC’s most innovative court data provider.


That’s right. You see, in North Carolina, unlike MOST other states, the court system computers are managed by means of a centralized data processing center run by the Administrative Office of the Courts, or AOC for short. Some years ago, at considerable expense and trouble, we struck a deal with the AOC to obtain all of the NC Court Search data for criminal cases and traffic stuff for all of the counties, EVERY DAMN DAY OF THE WEEK. It was a pretty major task considering that the data which the AOC manages is held in a very arcane and legacy format from the IBM mainframe days. But, with more effort and expense, we pieced it all together and, by means of a very very slick user interface, if I say so myself, we came up with the most efficient way to sift and sort that new case court data that so many lawyers rely on to do their direct mail marketing campaigns.


Unlike some of the data providers that came before the system was proposed, we actually allow the folks who use our data service to get on our servers and, by utilizing search criteria which are specific and numerous, narrow down what it is they are looking for to really be able to focus with pin-point accuracy on the folks that they want to represent. By using such court data search fields as race, sex, zip, offense code, city, county, age group, whether they reside in or outside any of the 50 states, whether they have single or multiple charges, we give our data clients the very best tools to make the most of their lawyers’ direct mail ad marketing dollars.


Not just for lawyers, but also for making it easier on users uploading their cases

But the innovation doesn’t stop there and it isn’t just for lawyers. Now, by utilizing the very same AOC NC court search data sets, we have made the e-commerce platform even better for folks who would prefer to have lawyers contact them rather than answer any of those letters they get in the mail. Truth be told, while we are NC’s most innovative court data provider, we also recognize that in this technological age, it is preferable for many folks to take advantage of the efficiencies that digital information can offer. To this end, if you are in need of a lawyer in NC or PA, all you need to do is enter your traffic ticket / traffic citation number and our system “finds” your case in the AOC court search data set we provide. Then, having found your case, the process of posting it to the site is even quicker: the AOC information automatically populates some of the required fields (such as name, county of citation, offense code, etc) so that you, the user, can post your case quickly, and find a lawyer in a quick and efficient manner and go on to other stuff.


The inbound approach

No disrespect to our lawyer data clients, but we do see that the future of finding a lawyer is best represented in the marketplace model, where the lawyers “come to” the folks who are seeking them out, rather than the other way around.  We call this the inbound approach, as opposed to the traditional direct marketing, or outbound approach, which targets everyone that received a ticket through a letter in the mail, regardless of whether that person is actually wanting to be contacted by a lawyer or not.


In the end, the inbound approach WILL win.  It’s where everything is going, including simple traffic ticket cases and other minor legal cases.