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What is a court record?

Court records could be records about who has a case in criminal court, who has been recently convicted of a crime, who has gotten a traffic ticket, or who has otherwise been involved in a case or controversy in our judicial system.


Who would do this?

In today’s internet-connected world, lots of folks:

  • Employers who want to find out about their employees.
  • Nosey neighbors.
  • Folks who want to check up on their personal safety by finding info on those they encounter everyday. I even heard about a guy who looks for his own info to make sure there’s not anyone out there using his name/identity and getting him trouble.

The internet is a powerful tool and has really helped folks who seek this kind of information. is a great believer in this.


We have recently released a new feature which allows folks who do an online court records search to find their own (or anyone’s!) pending criminal and traffic cases in NC (North Carolina) or PA (Pennsylvania). You don’t have to pay or anything. Just go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Using the big red search button you can enter in your own name or case number and actually locate the information the court has about your case.


Want to find a lawyer to help you? Great! Just click through and the case posts automatically and all the lawyers see it! By putting all these court records right at your fingertips makes it super easy to do a court records search that really is helpful!

Just for fun, try plugging in some names of people you know or even just a street name. Voila! See what’s out there! Very Cool!


Try it out, it’s free.  Happy searching!!